Starting off in Zalora is not to difficult. once you have made your character you start with some basic eq, level 15 and some cash. Now if your a mage i would buy premium by saying !pacc. It costs 10k. if you are a knight or paladin i wouldn't worry about premium right now. After you buy some potions from the potion seller northeast of depot, go down into the sewers and kill rotworms, carrion worms, and cave rats until you are about level 25-30. after that you should try dragons which are just south of the town, if you don't think you can take them on just quite yet, go south of the town still and either goto dwarfs or cycs. once you are around lvl 40-45 buy premium if you haven't yet, then go down south of cyc to dragons. Stay there until around lvl 60-65. after dragons, head just east and hunt apes until lvl 70-75. after that you should be able to figure it out on your own =].

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