Is CURRENTLY DOWN For map updates: Completly Renewing Map (OR otherwise remaking the WHOLE MAP!)-Edited by Admin Silence Great server with a excellent map. Has some bugs in the server but nothing that can't get fixed. I have made this wiki as a player. I'm am not a staff of any kind, just a player.

LATEST CHANGES: New Temple(Revamped Depot) with more room. Fixed a few bugs, added a ruthless axe quest which i have been asked to keep it a secret, And finally a new dragon spawn, but you have to pass the dragon lord in order to find more dragon lords and dragons. They cut down the mass overspawn in hydras, and they have moved the GIFL exp door, closer to the entrance in demons so ur not wasting most ur potions by the time you get to Gates Into The Forbidden Lands, you can also buy potions right before you being the quest from Javi in the room before poi.

About Zalorora is a PVP-E server, with a small community at the moment. They are on a very good track at making this server one of the best. Does still need a lot of work but, it'll be worth it! The map is a medium sized map, but they are adding to it every week. They do weekly updates and even have an auto restarter. Only main problem is it will randomly crash without warning, and they have not found a reason to it yet.Edit

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